Hidden Agendas; You Never Know Who Has One.

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Five Yorkshiremen try to survive after the British Rail is bought out by a private company. My Name Is Joe Drama Romance. Land and Freedom Drama War. Ae Fond Kiss Bread and Roses The Gamekeeper Route Irish Certificate: K Action Drama Thriller. It's a Free World Ingrid Jessner Brian Cox Kerrigan Brad Dourif Paul Sullivan Mai Zetterling Moa Bernard Archard Sir Robert Neil John Benfield Maxwell Bernard Bloch Henri Michelle Fairley Teresa Doyle Patrick Kavanagh Alec Nevin Des McAleer Kennedy Ian McElhinney Jack Cunningham Jim Norton Harris Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Maureen Bell Molloy Stephen Brigden Edit Storyline When an American human rights lawyer is assassinated in Belfast, it remains for the man's girlfriend, as well as a tough, no nonsense, police detective to find the truth Edit Details Country: UK.

Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Dolby Stereo. Color: Color Eastmancolor.

Secret Reasons For a Breakup (Including Hidden Agendas and Invisible Loyalties)

Edit Did You Know? Trivia This picture was entered into and then selected for feature film competition at the Cannes Film Festival in and won the Special Jury Prize there. Quotes Ingrid Jessner : Are you going to do anything about this? Kerrigan : There's nothing I can do. Ingrid Jessner : They've committed murder and treason at 11'o clock this morning, a man was assassinated by orders of the British Intelligence and you could do nothing? Kerrigan : I wish I could.

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Ingrid Jessner : You have credentials I don't have, your reputation brought you here, people would listen to you. Kerrigan : With you as my witness?

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A member of a civil liberties group who accuses the British government of torture and shoot to kill policy. Ingrid Jessner : "I don't care whose toes I tread on Add the first question.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. In the 's, agenda was taken from business and applied to political programs, mainly by academics: The liberal agenda was a common phrase and carried overtones of furrowed brows and compassionate lists.

However, on April 19, , Newsweek quoted an unidentified California politician as saying, ''Those folks who have their own agenda for Hubert Humphrey underestimate Jerry Brown. Peter Bourne, as saying that ''everybody wants to win, and people are willing to subordinate their own agendas to do that. One's own agenda is a list of personal desires or goals. This metaphoric extension of the list to be carried into a meeting suggests a mental list to be carried through life, with priorities neatly assigned, but - and here is the sense that gives the phrase piquancy - not to be publicly revealed.

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Own agenda soon became private agenda. Newsweek, apparently with its own neologistic agenda, reported in that former Treasury Secretary William Simon worried Reagan staff aides ''as a bit of a prima donna with a brilliant mind, an abrasive manner and a private agenda to pursue - an agenda some people now think includes the Presidency for himself. Columnist David S. Broder turned it into a compound adjective in ''Crosscutting these visible contests are a great many private-agenda items, ranging from conventional to bizarre.

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Evidently private , an adjective with a fairly good connotation, was not sufficiently sinister. Privacy is good but secrecy is bad. Hence, we have the appearance of hidden agenda as well as the archaic hidden agendum in The New Yorker, as well as the rising use of secret agenda in political parlance. Secret agenda brands the perpetrator as Machiavelli reborn. I have had this subject on a list of possible future columns that I tucked away in my wallet, not to be seen by anyone, and I now know what to call the list.

Pundit is a word that is getting weary. A group of Yale students under the influence of William Lyon Phelps founded a club called the Pundits, after the Sanskrit word for ''learned man''; when Yalie Henry Luce started Time magazine, he applied the title to columnist Walter Lippmann. All political columnists are now gathered in a vast punditorium, and the term can use a rest.

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What other word can be found to describe and stick a pin into the balloons of those of us who pretend to see the political future? They crave the fat profit margins automation can deliver, and they see A. A survey by Deloitte found that 53 percent of companies had already started to use machines to perform tasks previously done by humans.

The figure is expected to climb to 72 percent by next year.

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Infosys, which is based in India, reported a 33 percent increase in year-over-year revenue in its digital division. In an interview, he said that chief executives were under enormous pressure from shareholders and boards to maximize short-term profits, and that the rapid shift toward automation was the inevitable result.

Other experts have predicted that A. They point out that some automation helps workers by improving productivity and freeing them to focus on creative tasks over routine ones. In Davos this week, several executives declined to say how much money they had saved by automating jobs previously done by humans.